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Electrical & Electronics Engineer (METU), Yacht Master
St. Petereburg, Russia. GSM: +7 964 326 1946
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Lagoon 400 (2012) Catamaran | 17 - 24 June 2013 | Fethiye - Bodrum | 4400 Euro
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Lagoon 380 (2009) Catamaran | 14 - 21 September 2013 | Antalya - Bodrum | 3050 Euro

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early in the morning in Bekar Bay, Seven Islands, Gökova

Sailing in Gökova. Seven Islands, Bekar Bay

canım annem

after sailing around 50 miles

Yacht Sway Bodrum

Yacht Take It Easier, Bodrum

Motor Sailor Daima, Bodrum

Bodrum Cup 2011 Winner: M/S DAIMA

M/S SWAY sailing in Bodrum Cup 2011

M/S SWAY Sailing in Bodum Cup 2011


Bodrum Cup 2011, Wooden Yachts Regatta

M/S Daima in Bodrum Cup 2011

Cobra King, Bodrum

a Bodrum gulet, Siu

boats sheltering the east side of bodrum castle

Gulet Dolce Mare

Motor Yacht Sunrays

Wooden Gulet Arif Kaptan A While Sailing

Gulet Sailing, Arif Kaptan A, Bodrum

Wooden Gulet, Arif Kaptan A

a sailing boat

Arif Kaptan A


gulet shanti

Sailing in Turkey

Sunrise in Taşyaka Bay, Göcek

Blue Stop for Blue Voyage

Outer Göbün Bay

Kapı Creek Restaunrat, Göbün

Outer Göbün Bay

A sailing boat taking anchor in the outer Göbün Bay

the hills between inner & outer Göbün Bay

Göbün Bay & Kapı Creek Restaurant

Göbün Bay

life is beautiful.. ..but sometimes, very beautiful!

cobra infinity

last morning in the MY WAY, Göcek Marinturk Marina

Sunrise in Sıralıbük Bay

Bedri Rahmi Eyüboğlu Painting in Taşyaka Bay

Sunrise in Taşyaha Bay (Bedri Tahmi Bay)

green and/or blue

Our sailing boat, Beneteau Cyclades 43.4 in Sarsıla Bay

Outer Göbün Bay

Kapı Restaurant, Kapı Creek, Göbün, Göcek

one more sunrise.. Sıralıkbük Bay, Göcek

Yassica Islands, Göcek

first lights of the day.. ..sunrise in Taşyaka Bay / Göcek

morning Sun on the My Way

My Way.. the Sarsıla Bay / Göcek

Göcek Sea Map

Yacht Regina Fore Deck

Sunset at Bardakci Bay, Bodrum

Regina in front of Bodrum Castle

Regina turning back to Bodrum from Marmaris