Ismail Cifci / Russian Yacht Market
Electrical & Electronics Engineer (METU), Yacht Master
St. Petereburg, Russia. GSM: +7 964 326 1946
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Gulet & Motor Yacht Charter in Turkish Coast & Greek Islands

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goodbye ola

masts of gulets at night

Gulet Papis Toy Bodrum

M/S Siu sailing in Bodrum Cup 2011

M/S Take it Easier in sailing in Bodrum Cup 2011

Cobra King, Bodrum

SWAY & STS BODRUM @ Bodrum Cup 2011

Sway, Bodrum Cup 2011, Bodrum Yacht Festival

a Bodrum gulet, Siu

Gulet Dolce Mare

Wooden Gulet Arif Kaptan A While Sailing

Gulet Sailing, Arif Kaptan A, Bodrum

Arif Kaptan A


gulet shanti

Sled in a Shipyard